How to Prepare SSC JE Exam 2019 - 2020?

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How to Prepare SSC JE Exam 2019 - 2020? Hello friends in this article I share you how to prepare SSC JE exam without coaching if you are students Electrical (EE), Mechanical (ME) And Civil (CE) Engineering. my friend if You are an average student at local diploma or degree engineering college and you are thinking for SSC JE preparation without coaching, this article will help you.
How to Prepare SSC JE Exam 2019 - 2020?
How to Prepare SSC JE Exam 2019 - 2020?
Before going to the point How to Prepare SSC JE Exam 2019 - 2020? let me mention the common mistakes done by people unknowingly.

SSC JE is a difficult exam:
wrong...! It is not difficult rather I would say it is critical exam. With better preparation strategy and maximum practice, you can achieve good score.
Lack of proper planning:
Remember friends in SSC JE what not to read is same important as what to read. Before knowing marks distribution of subject will leads to wastage of time and energy. First read SSC JE syllabus, this will give you a general idea of the topics you need to prepare.
Speed & Accuracy:
Work on your speed. Your success in clearing the test depends on those 2 hours that you will be writing the paper. Practice more to improve your speed & accuracy. When you have the maximum speed while solving questions with on- point accuracy, you will be to attempt maximum number of questions in less time. Every time you solve a question put yourself on a timer and try to beat your score each time you do it.
Friends by only reading once or twice you can’t remember and recollect all subjects at the exam time. You have to revise at least 4 to 5 times one subject to get grip on it.

How to Prepare SSC JE 2019 - 2020 Exam Without Coaching?
Below I give you full detail how to prepare SSC JE exam without coaching. Before starting preparation, you should plan your study based on available time, marks distribution of subjects, your strength and weakness. I think 6–9 months is adequate time for SSC JE preparation.
1.   SSC JE Syllabus:
Before going to preparing SSC JE 2019 - 2020 read whole syllabus. It helps you understand which subjects question ask in SSC JE 2019 – 2020 exams. Prepare according to the syllabus. Below link help you find SSC JE syllabus your branch.
My friends without read full syllabus according to your branch don’t start your SSC JE preparation. Below provide you some basic information about SSC JE exam.
1.    SSC conducts the Junior Engineer Exam for Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers. SSC Junior Engineer Exam consists of two papers. Paper-I is an objective type-based paper which is taken on CBT mode while Paper-II is subjective.
2.   In SSC Je paper 1 total 200 marks, General Intelligence & Reasoning (50 marks), General Awareness (50) are compulsory subjects and General Engineering (100 marks). After qualify minimum cut-off SSC JE paper -1 pre exam you can go for SSC Je paper 2 total 300 marks.
SSC JE Syllabus Electrical Engineering:
SSC JE Syllabus Mechanical Engineering:
SSC JE Syllabus Civil Engineering:
2.  Make Own Notes:
Always prepare your own Technical notes whenever you are reading any new concept for first time. Make separate notes for each subject. Make concept notes (subject Notes) and formula notes separately.

2. Download SSC JE Notes:
if you prepared SSC JE 2019 – 2020 by yourself. You should download handwritten pdf notes of made easy or ace academy.
Below provides you direct article links for download MADE EASY and Ace Academy study material, you can click on direct link and download your branch study material.
Technical Notes:
Electrical Engineering:
Civil Engineering:
Mechanical Engineering:
Non-Technical Notes:
3.  Practice previous Year SSC JE Papers:
practice previous year SSC JE question at least 2 to 3 times. It’s another best way to revise your concept, it almost covers every concepts of a subject. Practice previous years question papers and answer them like you are attempting the real exam. Give yourself 2 hours and try to finish within that time. When you are answering the questions read them properly and only answer those that you are sure about because of the negative marking. Adapting yourself to the exam environment can help take away any fear related to the exam. You can download pdf previous year SSC JE papers below link.
SSC JE Previous Paper Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering:
4.  SSC JE Exam Test Series:
Try and finish your preparation 1.5 months before exam and start giving full length mock tests from then on, every alternative day. SSC JE exam test series improve your score 50–70 marks easily. You should write new concepts that you learned from your mock tests and also analyse your mistakes. Test series provided by are Made Easy and ACE Academy are best in India.

5.  SSC JE Refer Standard Books & Practice Set Books:
Candidates should refer appropriate books to start preparation. Purchase books which are recognized as the best books for SSC JE exam competitive exam purpose. In case you have engineering books, you can take a look for concepts related to core.
SSC JE Paper-1 Books:
SSC JE Paper-2 Books:
SSC JE Electrical Engineering Books:
Improve on your weak points: Figure out areas in which you are weak and work harder on them. All the best for your preparation.
I hope above this article help you to preparing SSC JE exam. please share with your friends and classmates.
GATE & SSC JE 2020-2021 All Study Material for All Engineering Branch
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