Minimize negative marking chances and ace the CDS examination hassle-free

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Clearing the CDS (Combined Defence Services) examination is the dream of every defence exam aspirant. There are multiple stages of the CDS Selection Process. Hence, aspirants have to take every step carefully while preparing for the CDS examination. However, many CDS aspirants are worried about the negative marking scheme that becomes their hurdle in the written examination.

Minimize negative marking chances and ace the CDS examination
Minimize negative marking chances and ace the CDS examination

Due to the negative marking scheme, many students are unable to clear off the finishing line. Negative marking is the penalty for attempting the wrong answer. So, CDS aspirants must follow this blog carefully and align themselves with the tips that we showcased below.

Tips to reduce chances of negative marking in the CDS written exam

Practice is vital for everyone

Although, many CDS aspirants are pretty confident about their preparation and basic concepts. But, it is of no use until and unless they practice. Here, many CDS aspirants are unable to clear the examination because of inadequate practice. So, they must practice the syllabus portion daily and cover those modules only which they studied on the same day. Thereby, it saves valuable time for aspirants. Moreover, learn shortcut tips and tricks to solve complicated queries of Mathematics. All in all, extra practice boosts confidence and minimizes the chances of attempting wrong questions.

Don’t make wrong guesses

Do not rely on your luck. It would not give CDS aspirants the desired outcome. It is a fact that hard working aspirants do not rely on luck. So, follow the same mantra while appearing for the written examination. Here, do not make wrong guesses which increases the chance of negative marking. Even a single penalty loses the chance of qualifying for the examination.  Remember, for every wrong answer there will be a deduction of 1/3 marks. So, be confident and sure before picking one answer from the option.

Pick the accurate answer

While solving the answer, do not get stuck in mid. It loses the concentration power of CDS aspirants and they land up picking the wrong solutions. Hence, they must be confident about what answer they pick. Also, there should be no room for if and but after solving. In case one answer went wrong, skip to the next one and do not worry about the wrong attempt. In the CDS written examination it is advisable to pick those sections first in which candidates are 100% sure. For instance, if an aspirant is confident about the English section, then they must complete it first.

Start with the easier queries

Undoubtedly, this tip is the most followed one amongst CDS aspirants. Everyone must begin their examination with the easier questions only. By doing so, CDS aspirants get more time to solve complex questions and more time to think over them. Also, it boosts their confidence level that gives an idea about attempting the question in the same format. Many aspirants find attempting the English and General Awareness section easier to attempt. Hence, they begin with the same and reduce the chances of negative scores in respective sections.

Rehearse the examination

Finally, if you are following these blog pointers carefully, follow this pointer also. Solve mock test papers, sample papers, or online prep modules for the CDS preparation. Once you get the UPSC CDS Admit Card, don’t wait for the last moment. Start your CDS preparation from day one and solve as much sample paper or previous year question paper. It gives the experience of a real examination. So, students, when they start solving it, will become conscious before attempting the question. And they will follow the same mantra in the CDS 2021 written paper.

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