Essay Writing While Fighting Mental Illness

Health is the most valuable thing we have. When nothing hurts and nothing bothers us, we are ready to perform some activities and are glad to communicate. Otherwise, we cannot concentrate on anything and do not enjoy life.
Essay Writing
If a student has a temporarily mental illness, it is difficult to study, to be active and cheerful. But there is a solution. Reliable specialists are always ready to help students. Follow the link Write My Essays and you will visit the best site for writing papers. You can get high-quality work in the shortest possible time with high originality. And, at the same time, you can save time to fight mental illness. 
Recommendation for Students
However, if you are ready to write a paper while fighting mental illness, we will give some recommendations that will help you with this:
·  Choose a topic. The teacher can offer you an essay theme, or you can choose it yourself. It is also important to consider the type of paper you want to write, whether it should be a general analysis or a specific overview of the subject area;
·  Prepare a scheme of your basic ideas. To write a stellar essay, you need to streamline your thoughts. Write on paper all your thoughts on this topic in the form of a scheme. This structure will be used as the basis for your work;
·  Define the main thesis of an essay. You should determine and write the main thesis of a paper. The main thesis is one sentence that describes the key statement in the essay as accurately and concisely as possible;
·  An introduction. This part should catch the reader’s attention and show exactly what your essay is concentrating on;
·  The main part of an essay. It states, explains or describes your topic. Each basic idea that you previously wrote in the scheme will become a separate section in the body of your essay. Each paragraph will have the same basic structure;
·  Write a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes your main ideas and provides a final look at your theme. The conclusion should consist of two-six sentences;
·  Add the finishing touches. Once your conclusion is written, pay special attention to all the details. First of all, check the order of paragraphs and make sure that they make sense.
And now, let's take a closer look at what causes mental illness.
What Causes Mental Illness in Students?
The health status of university students is attracting increasing attention of specialists in various fields of medicine. This is due to the role that this social group plays in society. Among the problems associated with protecting the health of students, neuropsychiatric disorders occupy a significant place. When comparing the mental health of different population groups, it turned out that in relation to students, this problem is most relevant. The intense pace of life and study makes increased demands on the compensatory mechanisms of the psyche, the failure of which leads to stress, psychological and social conflicts and, what is especially important today, the use of psychoactive substances.
The time of study at the university coincides with the age of the highest risk of manifestation of mental pathology, which may be due not only to the biological nature of mental illness but also to significant stress loads that create additional conditions for the active manifestation of a latent disease process.
The Basic Symptoms of Mental Illness
The mental health characterizes the personality as a whole and includes various components of human life:
·  State of mental development, mental comfort;
·  Adequate social behavior;
·  The ability to understand oneself and others;
·  Fuller realization of the development potential in various types of activities;
·  The ability to make choices and bear responsibility for them.
Here is a list of symptoms characteristic for mental illness:
·  Physical symptoms (pain and sleep disturbances);
·  Emotional symptoms (feelings of sadness, fear, or anxiety);
·  Cognitive symptoms (difficulty thinking clearly, pathological beliefs, memory impairment);
·  Behavioral symptoms (aggressive behavior, inability to perform daily functions, substance abuse);
·  Perceptual symptoms (for example, it seems to the patient that he sees or hears what other people do not see and hear).
The Role of a University in the Mental Health of Students
A necessary condition for the student’s successful activity is the education at the university, eliminating the feeling of internal discomfort and blocking the possibility of conflict with the environment. During the study, the skills and abilities of the rational organization of mental activity are formed, the chosen profession is recognized, the optimal mode of work, leisure and life are formed, work system for self-education of professionally significant personality qualities is established.
Remember that the most important tool for the prevention of mental illness is a healthy lifestyle, in particular: rational nutrition, eradication of bad habits, optimal motor regimen, etc

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