A Pioneer in Coaching Students Towards Their Dreams

Engineering Exams

A Pioneer in Coaching Students Towards Their Dreams
Coaching classes are an integral part of a high-school student's life, especially for those aspiring to get into prestigious institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Allen is one of the pioneers in coaching students for various entrance exams, has helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals and dreams. Here is how the institution achieves this feat.
Best IIT-JEE Coaching Center
JEE Main / AIEEE  
Over the years, Allen Coaching Center has pioneered in coaching students. The Center's capabilities are visible, for the students have ranked in the JEE (Main), AIEEE exams year after year. The design of the courses is unique and made in mind with the latest examination pattern. This helps in training the students to outperform in JEE (Main) examinations. Each student receives personal guidance, which ensures each student delivers top results. It is well known, JEE (Main) rank is based on the addition of JEE (Main) and board exam scores. This is the reason they take the utmost care in designing the structure of the course. The design includes theoretical concepts and solving practical problems. The design, kept in mind with the changing syllabus and board exam requirements, provides the best results. 
The classroom sessions are completely interactive. The sessions help in developing their young minds, as they get to know their potential ability. Thus, students are able to give their best in the exam.
IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced) 
The faculty of this institution is enriched with years of experience and vast knowledge that they impart to their students. They are the foundation that prepares students for JEE (Main + Advanced). The course laid out in a comprehensive manner allows the syllabus to complete well before the exams. Therefore, students get ample time to revise subjects, clear all doubts, and do self-studies as well. The faculty teaches each subject in the simplest way. They even use illustrations to make it easier for the students to understand better. 
The students get a first-hand experience of the competitive atmosphere that lies ahead of them in the future through test simulations held by Allen. They get to develop their skills and enhance their performance ability. The numerous mock tests help the aspirants to get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. This further helps them in ranking in the top lists of India. 
Though there are plenty of IIT classes in Pune, over the years, the outstanding results have paved the way to making Allen the best. The syllabus is designed to give the medical aspirants a healthy studying atmosphere. The course structure helps in imparting knowledge, boosting their confidence to build their bright full future. 
To get high scores in NEET-UG / AIIMS, you need the right approach. This is why each student, regardless of their merit at the institute, is guided separately. So, all students can attain high marks. 
Distance Learning Programme offers
The institute follows the belief, "No preparation is complete until it is self-evaluated and properly assessed." That is why the institute also provides Distance Learning Programme. Under this program, the test series of JEE (Main), JEE (Main + Advanced), and NEET (UG) and AIIMS are available via post as well. The objective of this test series is to allow the students living in faraway places to enhance their skills. 
Allen’s Joint Package (Study Material + All India Test Series)
Students who opt for the Distance Learning Programme get a joint package. The package includes study material and test series. The study material and test series are designed to allow the students to compete with the best regular classes attending students at the national level. The program is designed especially for students living in remote locations. This program enables them to excel in the exams even though they are unable to attend regular classes. 
Online Major Test Series - NEET PG 
The 2020 Allen Online Major Test Series for NEET PG aids the students. It allows them to prepare for the final exams. The course structure delivers unbeatable performance. The test series enables the students to analyze their study pattern. The Allen NEET PG Online Major Test Series is quite close to the actual exams. This lets the students get a first-hand view of what questions you can expect in the actual exams.
Be it the experienced and excellent teaching faculty or the comprehensively planned course, Allen institute is one of the frontrunners when it comes to IIT classes in Pune. 
Allen Coaching Center
Started in 1988, with only eight students, Allen has now become the proud leader in the field of coaching classes. Today they have more than 10015 members and over 12 lag + CCP students.

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