Shopify Integration with Financial and Content Service Providers


Shopify Integration with Financial and Content Service Providers
Shopify Integration

The present digital world is significantly impacted by the contributions made by content service providers. E-commerce retailers cannot afford to ignore data aggregators like CSPs because of the sheer magnitude of the information that is constantly being generated and shared on the Internet. By integrating with CSPs, eCommerce businesses may greatly enhance their content optimization. Establishing a connection between your company and the plethora of digital material available requires the use of appropriate integrations. Deskree platform offers a fast and convenient Shopify integration solution. You will be able to save time and focus on expanding your company while at the same time providing useful information to your clients.


Top content providers worth your attention

If you want to avoid duplicating your efforts in the search for material, you should give some thought to integrating one or more of the following content service providers (CSPs):

GFK Etilize

Rich product material is distributed by GFK Etilize throughout almost sixty different marketplaces across the world. The CSP provides online retailers with access to data on Twenty million different items. On the other hand, brands and manufacturers are able to easily manage their product details through the use of GFK Etilize, which enables them to disseminate material that has been effectively optimized to a wide range of merchants and markets. When GFK Etilize's product catalogs are utilized, a consumer is treated to the ideal shopping experience since the catalogs contain multimedia, specs, photos, video files, promotional texts, and other types of information.


Icecat is an open product catalog that has worked with over twenty thousand different brands for years. The CSP has developed robust collaborations with merchants and manufacturers located all over the world in a variety of industries, including those about fashion and lifestyle, domestic appliances, electronic goods, health and beauty, children's items, and others. Icecat is suggested for use by Shopify businesses that are interested in enhancing the shopping experience of their consumers.


As a content service provider, Cnet can help your items reach the market more quickly, which is one of the many benefits they provide. Using well-structured digital material from Cnet, SaaS solutions, e-Commerce items, up-  and cross-selling services may all be improved. Almost 200 different product categories are supported by this CSP. These product categories include topics like kitchen equipment, gaming, computer peripherals, network hardware, office supplies, optic, and many more.

Shopify integration with PayPal and Stripe

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways, but there are ways to make it even more user-friendly by connecting it to your e-store using a plugin. If your consumers use PayPal to make a purchase, PayPal will take a cut of each transaction. Unless you turn on Shopify Payments, this will be the default setting. Even a nominal charge reduces your earnings to nothing. They believe that if you take care of your pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves. Integrating Shopify with the ubiquitous PayPal will boost your sales.

Stripe, along with PayPal and Venmo, is among the finest online payment processors. Stripe, on the other hand, is entirely web-based. Stripe is now effectively safeguarded against fraud thanks to this technology. Stripe is able to scale virtually infinitely thanks to the cloud infrastructure's scalability and the fact that it offers exceptional security. Companies of various sizes may use the system effectively. Thus, accepting payments using the Shopify Stripe interface is a good idea.

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