What Are The Best Professional Courses After 12th Bio Mathematics?


What Are The Best Professional Courses After 12th Bio Mathematics?
Best Professional Courses After 12th Bio Mathematics

One of the significant reasons the Bio-Maths combination is gaining importance in every major Indian institute is its relevance to the job market. The field of BioMaths has gained tremendous importance in recent years. The field of BioMaths combination offers a wide variety of career options. So let us discuss here some of the best courses after 12th bio maths.


Best courses in engineering after 12th bio maths

1.     Petroleum engineering studies how to extract, transport or process petroleum and its products. The field includes refining, extraction and processing, as well as the design, construction and operation of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pipelines and tankers. Petroleum engineers apply their knowledge to many fields, including transportation (freight and passenger), biotech, manufacturing and energy conservation. They may work on the design, construction or maintenance of a single facility such as a pipeline or refinery or on large-scale projects such as constructing a new oil production facility.

2.     Aerospace engineering is the process of designing, building, and testing aircraft and spacecraft for use in aviation, space exploration, and other fields. It includes a set of specialized disciplines, such as aerodynamics (the study of airflow around objects), propulsion (the study of how to move an object through the air), structural mechanics (the study of how to build strong structures), materials science (the study of how to create strong materials), and aerospace engineering (the design of spacecraft).

3.     Chemical engineering studies how molecules, materials and processes interact to produce valuable products. It is a broad field that encompasses everything from understanding how materials are made to designing ways to use them more efficiently. Chemical engineers work in many fields, including oil and gas production, pharmaceuticals, plastics and renewable energy.

4.     Automobile Engineering is a mechanical engineering branch that focuses on designing, producing, and maintaining automotive vehicles. Automobile engineers design and create cars, trucks, and other vehicles from scratch. They also work to improve existing vehicles or figure out how to build better ones in the future. Automobile engineers may also work on car safety or energy efficiency projects. They typically need a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering to work as an engineer.

5.     Marine engineering is an interdisciplinary field that combines knowledge and skills from many different disciplines, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science and shipbuilding. Marine engineers aim to design and build safe, effective and efficient ships and boats that can operate in all types of Marine environments. Marine engineers consider several marine environments (such as waves and currents) when designing a ship or boat to ensure that it performs well in those situations. They also study the surrounding ocean environment, such as ocean currents and sea levels, to ensure that the ship or boat will not damage the environment while at sea.

6.     Industrial Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with designing, operating, and maintaining industrial processes. It encompasses a range of Industrial Production Systems, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain Management, Facilities Management, and Business Analytics. Industrial engineering deals with all aspects of the manufacturing process, such as system design, material selection, machine selection and optimization, production planning and control, inventory management and control, quality assurance and control, safety and security, etc. Industrial engineers are responsible for efficiently planning products to meet customer needs while minimizing costs.

7.     Students can take Computer Science Engineering after finishing Class 12 to study various computer science topics related to computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware, and software. 

8.     Mechanical engineering explains the principles of mechanics. Mechanical engineers use physics, mathematics, and computer modelling to create devices that move, manipulate, or store mechanical energy. It ranges from designing safety mechanisms for aircraft and bridges to creating wind turbines and solar panels. While mechanical engineering isn't always required for specific careers, especially those related to engineering or physics, many jobs will require some knowledge of this topic.

9.     Electrical engineering:  Electrical engineers develop equipment such as power plants, medical devices, and computers. They also design electrical networks and infrastructure.

Best courses in medical after 12th bio maths

1.     MBBS is a medical degree course required to become a doctor in India. The MBBS program lasts 5.5 years. Students learn the basics of medicine like anatomy, physiology, microbiology and pharmacology.

2.     BDS is a four-year course that provides the knowledge and skills required to become a dentist. In addition to learning about the anatomy, physiology, pathology and dental theory of dentistry, students learn how to carry out various procedures, including dental cleaning, fillings and extractions.

3.     BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) is a postgraduate degree that trains graduates to become physicians specializing in the use of homoeopathy. The degree can be taken full-time and will usually require 5.5 years to complete.

4.     BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) is a postgraduate degree designed to train students in the field of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system that focuses on maintaining health and well-being using natural practices and treatments. BAMS provides students with a comprehensive background in Ayurveda and the necessary knowledge to become a practicing physician in this field. Students enrolled in BAMS typically complete their studies over 5.5 years.

5.     BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) is a 5.5-years degree course in Unani medicine. BUMS is a unique, holistic and holistic system of mainstream medicine that offers complete Ayurvedic treatment for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety. The National Medical Commission Of India recognizes BUMS.

6.     BSc Nursing (Honours) is a four-year program for students who wish to enter nursing. Both public and private universities offer BSc Nursing (Honours) programs. These degrees typically provide a more in-depth study of nursing theory.


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