How to Deal With Exam Stress and Anxiety


How to Deal With Exam Stress and Anxiety
How to Deal With Exam Stress and Anxiety

Stress is not a bad thing as people think. It only becomes a problem when it rises to extreme levels. A mild degree of stress is good. It fuels your power to work in an extraordinary manner. When under slight pressure, you can accomplish activities that look difficult. On the other side, extreme stress is detrimental to your health. It is among the contributing factor to mental illness. We attribute a large portion of student stress to exams. MyHomeworkDone experts work with academic pressure every day, so their experience on reducing it seems pretty reliable.

7 Tips to Help You Deal with Exam Stress

To keep stress away as you go through education life, follow the following guidelines.

Take a breath

Spare some time to take a breath. When stressed, take a break from what you are doing and try breathing in and out. This simple activity helps your body freshen up and release body tension. The excesses give you time to sober up and think rationally without anxiety.

By taking a breath, your brain decongests and recovers from unnecessary thoughts. This gives room for effective revision before exams.

Have adequate sleep, exercise and eat well

Lack of sufficient sleep, poor diet, and physical inactivity lead to anxiety. To avoid stress, take enough healthy meals. Low carbohydrates releasing foods are desirable. Avoid high caffeine drinks and drink enough water to rehydrate yourself. Make sure that you sleep for not less than 8 hours. Never forget to exercise. You need at least an hour of daily exercise.

Have achievable goals

Never strain to chase what you can’t manage. Bite what you can chew. Avoid setting unrealistic goals as you plan your study and revision plan. Be open-minded and accept the situations as they unfold. Work within your limits and timelines to avoid burnouts.

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Avoid revising alone

Teamwork is critical for the success of any assignment. To benefit from effective revision, find a study group. A peer study group will help the absorption and understanding of your notes better than doing it individually. The peer study group creates a socialization environment. It builds a better sense of autonomy and confidence. To overcome exams tension, hook yourself to a study group.

Overcome exam panics

It is common to panic during, before, and even after an exam. When exam panic sets in, sit down and take a breath. Get some fluids to help you stay hydrated. Break the problem worrying you into small manageable slots. Understand that there is always a solution to all problems.

Trust your efforts

Do you know strong you are? Never see yourself small. Everyone has a unique gift or capability. Keep on believing in yourself. You have the power to overcome small hurdles appearing as great challenges in your study journey. Change your mentality and revisit the problem from a different perspective. If you are in a difficult situation, take time to reflect on your previous achievement. It will give you a hint of how strong you are. No need to get anxious when doing things in the right way. Stay positive. 

Keep on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Instead of worrying about failing an exam, start thinking about the best way to congratulate yourself for passing.

Seek others opinion when overwhelmed

Don’t die alone with things that are above your limits. It is a reasonable consideration to seek a second opinion on matters above your capability. You must have at least one person you entrust with your secrets. This can be a close family member, friend, or even a mentor. A problem half shared is half solved. Take advantage of you those you trust. They may be resourceful and knowledgeable to give professional guidance to your challenges. Never shy up. Open up and seek help.


Experiencing stress in your study journey is not a new phenomenon; it is a common situation among university students. The fear of exams and education-related anxiety fuels the rise in stress. Mild stress will push you to put in the extra effort but work towards eliminating extreme stress. There is life after an exam. Never let exams spoil your emotional wellbeing. Manage your stress!

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