20 Expository Essay Writing Prompts for High School Students

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Out of all the types of essays, expository is the most encompassing one. You can write about cause and effect, you can express, imagine, and elaborate on any topic. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of ideas for high school students. So, we’ve caught 20 prompts from the ocean for you to choose from.
20 Expository Essay Writing Prompts for High School Students
20 Expository Essay Writing Prompts for High School Students
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Essay Writing Prompts for High School Students

1.    Friendship is a precious thing, and we all need it. But a lot of people have different perceptions of the term. How do you see friendship?
2.   We learn things every day, and not only at school but also from our family and friends. What’s your latest revelation? What have you learned the hard way lately?
3.   Technology changes people’s lives, but a lot are hesitant as to its benefits, especially the older generations. What are your thoughts on this and how do you see the latest changes?
4.   Some people like living in large cities while others prefer small calm towns. Which one would you choose and why? Think of schooling, future job, family, etc.
5.   If you could live in any decade of the XX century, which one would it be? Explain your choice.
6.   We go to school for many years, learning about the world. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned through the years? It can be a subject you love or a thing not connected to the curriculum.
7.   People like different times of the year, some prefer the colder months, and some are in love with summertime. Why do you think that is?
8.   Many people connect the word “family” to the word “traditions”. Write an essay about the traditions of your family. If there are none, write about the traditions you’d like to have once you have your own family.
9.   You have a day to spend with your pet, but the thing is, it understands you and talks to you. What do you tell it? What questions do you ask?
10.If you had a chance to talk to any person in history, who would it be? Why this particular person? What would you talk about?
11.  Think of the problems your generation faces or may face in the future. What are they? How are you going to cope with them?
12. A lot of articles teach us about the routine and how important it is to have one. Do you have a routine? Write an essay about it and its importance for you.
13. Think of yourself in 5 years, imagine everything, starting from what you look like and ending with the country you live in. What do you see? Spare no detail.
14. All people have different personalities. Write an essay about your personality traits, things you like about yourself and those you’d like to change.
15. Imagine you have no Internet connection or TV for a month. Write about the things you would do and the way you would live this month through.
16. Stress is a huge part of our everyday lives, unfortunately. Do you suffer from stress on a daily basis? What methods of coping do you have?
17. A lot of people have their own heroes. Those can be from real life or movies, comic books, etc. Who’s your hero and why?
18. We all know the modern saying “work smart, not hard”. What does this phrase mean to you? Do you work smart or hard? Elaborate on that.
19. A lot of young people lack self-confidence, and not all of them manage to find it in life at all. What is your level of self-confidence? What are your methods of boosting it or what environment you would like to have that would boost it?
20.       There’s a lot of violence in this world. Where you’re at school, job, or home, you may see its impact. Why are people so aggressive? And what are the ways of coping with that?

Open Your Mind

Essay writing isn’t just a way for teachers to keep you at home doing homework. It’s a tool for the development of your thinking and worldview. When writing, you reflect on the world and your own life, you understand much more if you just open your mind and surrender to the process. You also learn how to support your point of view, see logic or its absence in any situation, analyze data, think critically yet creatively. It’s much more than you think, so take this idea with you the next time you’re given a prompt to elaborate on.

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