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Relocatable Building Solutions
Relocatable Building Solutions

It is not always possible to put up a conventional building in a short amount of time, maybe to respond to sudden demands or to relocate after a short period of time, like for construction contractors. The answer to these kinds of situations is relocatable buildings. 

These are buildings that are partially or completely assembled, and they are products of the modular construction process in manufacturing facilities that specialize in buildings. The makers of these buildings have in mind the re usability and re purposing of the buildings, as well as the ease of moving them to various locations.


How they work

Manufacturing companies that specialize in buildings and that have much experience in their design, manufacturing, and installation are the ones responsible for the re loadable buildings. The building parts are made in the manufacturing companies’ production plants, and they are transported to the clients’ site, either by the client or the manufacturer. The relocatable building solution providers can do everything from start to finish—design, manufacturing, transportation, and set up—with the use of their team of in-house experts.

Alternatively, the service provider may only be involved in several things, like designing and manufacturing, and the client takes over from there. This could be the case when the client has their own team or an outsourced team to install the building. Maybe the building is to be put up far from the manufacturer, like overseas, so the client has to arrange for its installation.

While considering these solutions, it is crucial to work with well experienced, reputable, and reliable service providers. You would not go wrong engaging one of the best in the field by conveniently visiting the Smart Space website.

Situations where they may be used

With relocatable building solutions, it is possible to have a building up and running in many different situations in which conventional buildings may not be commercially feasible, for example due to time constraints, a tight budget, the need to respond to a sudden demand, and so on.

Some of the things that can be installed with these kinds of solutions include:

·         Educational facilities, such as classrooms, lecture halls, hostels, and laboratories

·         Commercial facilities, like display suites, retail shops, and healthcare rooms

·         Office facilities, such as construction site offices and factory offices

·         Emergency or disaster response facilities, like houses for flood victims

·         Security facilities, like police post

·         Facilities to house equipment, such as telecommunications or data equipment

·         Government facilities, like liaison offices

Benefits of Movable Building Solutions

Movable building solutions have some great benefits that include:

High quality: 

These solutions do not compromise on quality, as they are built to meet or even surpass structures built onsite. Also, the very materials—like steel, concrete, and wood—recommended by architects and other building experts are used with these solutions.

Short construction time:

The setting up of relocatable solutions can happen at the same time as site preparation, and they can take 30% to 50% less time than the installation of conventional ones.

Solution for remote areas:

Since these kinds of buildings are constructed away from the site in well-established manufacturing units, it is not a problem if experts are not available in the more remote areas, like in deserts and colder regions.


Relocatable building solutions are useful to put up structures in a short period of time on a reasonable budget, without compromising quality. They may be used to construct educational facilities, commercial buildings, government structures, and so on.

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