10 Best Career Tests for High School Students

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Not found your calling yet? In simpler words, how many of you have already made your mind for what you will do in your career? This must be the favorite questions of people around you if you are a higher school student. 
10 Best Career Tests for High School Students
10 Best Career Tests for High School Students
This is the time when life’s one of the most vital decisions is made. And, if you are facing a conundrum in figuring out your ideal career match, the best way is to take legitimate help from online career tests. A career counselling test will help you evaluate your potential, personality, mental ability, and skills based on the answers you select in the test. These are fun yet critical activities to find out how much professionally you fit into a career. Let’s talk about some top-notch career tests to try and get some clarity on your future self.

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

It’s a popular career test and is majorly used by companies to determine the personality of a candidate. To get accurate results, all you need is to answer some questions that will examine how you as a worker will act in different situations. A critical and amazing test for students!

2. Pymetrics

Highlighting your work habits, this is a personality test to determine your way of thinking and how do you approach your work. Here, you will be given various mind games which are helpful to check your problem-solving skills.

3. Career Strengths Test

It tests your strength to deal with various job-related works and areas. The parameters for measurement include leadership, structural visualization, and inductive reasoning. Give the test to know more about your capabilities and skills you excel in. It also presents career fields based on the skills you possess.

4. MAPP Career Assessment Test

Another big name in the list is the MAPP Career Assessment which comes under personality tests. Sharpening your reasoning skills and approach, this test will show you effective job categories as per your skills.

5. The Princeton Review Career  Quiz

This one is a specially designed career test for students planning to enter a college. It accesses diverse factors related to you like your interests, stress management, behavior, and motivation. In the end, you will be recommended with matching job areas.

6. 123 Career Test

If you want to know whether a job is a perfect fit for you or not or what career goes with your personality, go for 123 Career test. It exhibits questions through pictures related to work activities. Select one that defines your perception and gets job recommendations.

7. MyPlan.com

This is a great way to discover your work values and get options based on them. MyPlan.com is a value assessment test helps to identify whether a company and its environment are perfect for your work ethics or not.

8. PathSource

Don’t have a laptop to perform a career test? No worries. Identify your potential and a list of suitable career options on PathSource mobile app. Just insert your interests and personality characteristics and get a list of best career tracks for you.

9. MAPP Career Test

Taken by more than 8 billion people around the world, MAPP stands for Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential. It shows the insights into what motivates you and accordingly offers the best ten industries for you. Narrow down your job search and get fast and amazing results with MAPP Career Test.

10. Mechanical Reasoning Test

Interested in engineering or technical jobs? Then you must undergo this mechanical reasoning test which is helpful to access your skills in a particular engineering field. Unlike other tests in this list, this one checks your knowledge rather than your potential. Know your status and improve as per the outcomes provided by the test.

Take help from these beneficial tests to mold your career and future in a right manner. These will help you reach to your true potential true calling where you can excel. Most of the online tests are free and offers accurate results guiding you towards a sorted career path. Highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, take these tests to cut down your career confusion and discover your true self and suitable career path.


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