Checklist for UPSC Interview

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Candidates having cleared Mains must be all set for Interviews scheduled from February 19th, 2018 onwards. Unlike prelims which is objective in nature and Mains which is descriptive in nature, Interview is a personality test where candidates are tested on their Interests, hobbies, personality traits and their opinions regarding various topics of Public importance. 
Checklist for UPSC Interview, Documents required for UPSC Civil Services Examination – Interviews, Additional Documents (Case By Case Basis), UPSC Documents To Be Sent To Department Of Personal And Training (Dopt), Extra Tips/Info regarding IAS/IPS/IFS Interview, UPSC Documents Needed For Medical Examination
Checklist for UPSC Interview

The Interview is conducted at the UPSC office (New Delhi) and the Interview Panel who addresses the candidates comprises of some Highly Esteemed and Eminent people from Civil Services Fraternity and related fields.

Interviews being the most crucial and decisive phase of Civil Service Examination, candidates are strongly advised to check all the Documents before-hand. UPSC is recruiting for some extremely responsible positions of Future Administrators for the society and nation as a whole, and therefore, interviewers will make sure to select the most deserving candidates. Verifying the documents before-hand will save you from last minute hustle and ensure all of them are in place and organized, well in time before the Interview.
Most importantly, do not forget to take atleast 2 to 3 mock interviews with a reputed IAS Academy before your go for the final quest. Mock interview indeed help you get a first-hand experience of the actual UPSC Interview, helps you understand the psychology of the board members in advance and the feedback of the mock interview panel further helps you understand you weaker areas and improvise on them.

Documents required for UPSC Civil Services Examination – Interviews
The List is compiled from the official UPSC website ( and in consideration with experiences of candidates who have faced the Interview Panel. We will suggest re-checking latest UPSC Notifications 2018 for any changes (if made):
a)      Matriculation or original copies of equivalent certificate to verify the Name and Date of Birth
b)      Self-attested photo-copy of  Matriculation or equivalent certificate
c)      Original copy of the degree of graduation as a proof of education qualification (If original degree certificates are not issued, carry provisional certificates and/or mark-sheets)
d)      Self-attested photo-copy of Degree of graduation (If original degree certificates are not issued, carry provisional certificates and/or mark-sheets)
e)      2 recent passport size photographs. One of them has to be self-attested
f)       Hard copy of the E-summon letter.
Additional Documents (Case By Case Basis)
a)      Original copy of Caste/Tribe Certificate along with a photocopy of the same
b)      Original copy of Physical Disabilities Certificate (If any). Also DWE certificate for PH-1(LDCP).
c)      Certificates in support of age relaxation for corresponding categories.
d)      PG degree/higher education certificates and mark-sheets.
e)      TA form – two copies plus proof of journey (for outstation candidates).
f)       Affidavit (in case of minor name discrepancies).

Documents To Be Sent To Department Of Personal And Training (Dopt)
A copy of the attestation form duly filled along-with six copies of the same, each duly signed in. Don’t forget to affix signed passport size photograph (most recent one) on the same.

Extra Tips/Info regarding IAS/IPS/IFS Interview

Ø  Prefer not carrying mobile phones at the UPSC premises
Ø  Make sure you have carefully read the Newspaper for the day. It is not advisable to wait until then but in case you accidently miss to do so, you will normally get newspapers inside UPSC waiting hall to read while waiting for your turn to face the Interview panel
Ø  The office staff will verify your original documents and give it back to you on the same day itself, mostly before your interview starts
Ø  You don’t need to bring certificates of extra-curricular achievements for the UPSC Civil Services Interview. For past few years, candidates are being asked to enter the UPSC interview room bare hands
Ø  Medical checkup is conducted on the next-working-day post interview. In case of Interview date falling on a Friday, the medical check-up is scheduled only for Monday (the next working day). Hence outstation candidates are advised to be prepared for an extended stay.

Documents Needed For Medical Examination
1.      8-10 passport size photos
2.      Prescriptions or medical certificates if any
Ø  After the medical exam, don’t forget to get your relieving letter from the concerned authorities available at the premises.
Ø  Maintain your calm and peace at-least a day or two prior to the Interview, as the mind at peace performs the best even under intuitive pressure.

DAF is extremely important information shared with the examiners Panel. Your Interview will be based mostly the DAF and hence don’t forget to read your DAF twice before you submit it for analysis.

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