The Negative Marking Scheme

Engineering Exams
The Negative Marking Scheme
Negative Marks is one of the best ways used in the entrance and competitive exams to filter out the students who are actually prepared and the students who are just going to tick randomly on the MCQ provided to them. There are some who are in support of this system and there are also students who have a different perspective and opinion towards it.

Some students believe that the negative marking makes it tougher for students to cope with the examination as it increases their problem in a way where they don't even reach the qualifying score as some exams. For example, Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced held a year ago in June was as extreme as a JEE Advanced paper can get and even the competition was massive. That left many inattentive. Added to that, the negative imprints for each wrong answer and a considerable measure of students, in the long run, led to a lot of stress for students

Neet Entrance Exam, IIT JEE, CDS, NDA are some national level exams where there is negative marking system in place for students. For every wrong answer, negative marking is awarded when a person has selected a wrong option which will get them negative/minus marks in that particular question. There are also exams which don't have any negative marking like Manipal entrance exam organized by Manipal University for awarding admission to those candidates who clears this exam. Clearing this exam will grant the students admission to this college

Some trust that the negative marking framework is an essential evil while selecting students as it guarantees that only particular students who have prepared well for the exam can score higher instead of the individuals who answer randomly. Basically, negative marking assumes an essential part in declaring the significance of the preparation for the exam as opposed to simply favourable luck.

But, the fact that it is one of the effective systems cannot be denied as true that it does increase the bar of the exams as only the candidate deserving enough can get through and other people who are not well prepared do not get. The students would know the answer or don't know the answer instead of trying their luck on randomly selecting an option.

Negative marking is a necessary and important aspect of this exam which improves its standards as many of the exams are for very big courses or job opportunities which makes the system uphold the standard of the individuals who clear these exams and are going to be future leaders. Students giving NEET exam for a course in medical and that is a field where a person needs to be qualified as they will be dealing with a life of a human. JEE for quality engineers from top colleges then CDS for the future military officers and there is no country which can compromise on standards when it is a matter of National security.

The necessity of maintaining standards are underlined in the paragraph above and how it is not just about employment but skilled and well-updated leaders are what is required for a young country like India. Leaders who are well equipped with knowledge excel in the field and are well aware to lead the upcoming generation.

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