Free Essay Examples: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Sometimes, students require help. Commonly, they find it on the Internet. There are multiple useful and trustworthy websites, which offer different kinds of support. One of such is free access to huge databases of essays.
Free Essay Examples: Advantages and Disadvantages
Everything seems to be pretty simple. You find a source with multiple essays, which cover different topics in different subjects. You only should read them attentively and use smart prompts in your writing. For example, or provide effective essay samples along with professional writing guidelines.
Simultaneously, free essay samples aren’t always good for students. Some of them are written by inexperienced students or beginning writers. They lack experience, knowledge, and skills. Students believe their quality, but it’s a mistake. You should never believe them blindly and must obligatorily verify any essay databases you access.
Free samples have both pros and cons. You reap great benefits if they are written by professional writers. However, you get a lot of problems if they are written by amateurs.
The Main Advantages
Firstly, let’s define the positive aspects. Free samples may serve you well in writing good essays of your own. Here they are:
  • Professionally written. Reading properly composed essays and other assignments is a pure pleasure. Professional writers follow the official academic requirements and never violate the guidelines. Looking through the paper, you understand how good it is and may reap a lot of benefits.
  • Save time. Many students read samples because they have certain problems. To solve them, they must spend precious time. However, a correctly written essay saves time because you already know how to overcome your problems.
  • Teach something new. Attentive students always learn something new and important from gratis samples. A good sample teaches how to structure, cite, make smooth transitions, and so on. These prompts may be used successfully in your own writing.
  • Organize writing. When you read an assignment with proper structure, you understand how the story should develop. It makes you disciplined and organized. Take some notes about the elements of every essay because there are different types. Try to understand how the author uses them and practice in your projects.
  • Don’t require any fees. Finally, you don’t have to pay for anything. Examples are given for free. Thus, you learn a lot of helpful things and don’t have to spend your money.
The Main Disadvantages
The coin has an opposite side and you ought to be cautious. Perhaps, you shouldn’t trust free essay examples. Here are potential drawbacks:
  • Aren’t always written properly. Oftentimes, essay samples are not written by skilled writers. Many students feel they are experienced enough to do that and so, other students cannot learn from their experience. You have to be attentive and properly read them. Perhaps, they aren’t quite what you need. Don’t trust them blindly.
  • Don’t teach you anything useful. As samples are composed by writers with weak writing skills, they commonly contain a lot of mistakes. We don’t mean only grammar or spelling mistakes. Such papers don’t have a plain structure, are disorganized, lack the flow, are unreadable and unconvincing, etc. Consequently, you won’t learn anything from them.
  • Simply steal your time. Sometimes, students spend heaps of precious time reading worthless pieces. They hope in vain to find something worthy. If you visit a definite website, read about a couple of examples and they don’t look like professional ones, immediately quit it. It makes no sense in hoping for the miracle. It’s better to try another resource.
  • Make students lazier. Even if you come across properly written papers, you shouldn’t be too dependent on them. Students who tend to use examples on a regular basis become lazier. They think “I already have good examples. In a few changes it’ll be adjusted to my assignment”. Thus, they don’t develop their writing skills.
  • Aren’t released in full size. Some websites provide chargeless examples, which aren’t actually free of charge. They reflect only the introduction. The rest charges fees. Immediately quit such resources.
Obligatorily take into account our recommendations. There is a great possibility that free essay samples will help you. However, if you come across samples written by amateurs you risk wasting your time and using ineffective prompts. Be always cautious to avoid complications.

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