Top IAS Coaching Centre In Chennai Advice On Cracking The Exam In First Attempt

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The number of attempts a candidate can give for IAS is limited. Over and above which there is an age criterion. Both signify that passing the UPSC conducted exam in the first attempt is crucial. This article offers advice that the leading all India civil service coaching centre Chennai has given to successful candidates.
Top IAS Coaching Centre In Chennai Advice On Cracking The Exam In First Attempt
Top IAS Coaching Centre In Chennai
For those sitting for June 2019 UPSC Prelims, first, be clear on the revised pattern of the papers. There are two papers in prelims:
1.    General studies (GS) - paper I
2.    Civil services Aptitude Test (CSAT) - paper II
They have multiple choice questions, and a wrong answer carries a negative mark. Both Paper I and Paper II are for 200 marks each which makes the total 400. For an incorrect answer, 1/3rd of the score is deducted. For example, in four questions you mark one right and three wrong, then you get 0 marks. The time limit for each paper is two hours and the topics that both encompass are:
Paper I
Paper II
Current events
Indian history
General science
Indian polity and governance
Economic and social development
Mental ability
Basic numeracy
Interpersonal skills
Data interpretation
Logical reasoning and analytical ability
Decision making and problem solving
English language comprehension

One of the top 10 IAS coaching centres in Chennai advice that following specific rules and tricks can make cracking the UPSC exam in the first attempt effortless. Here is what must be done:
    The prelims exam is not a subjective paper. It is objective which means preparing for it doesn’t require going in-depth into subjects. There is no necessity of detail. Stick to NCERT textbook to get the foundation strong and read thoroughly through previous year test papers.
    Do not limit to one reading material. Every successful IAS officer knows that a civil aspirant who diversifies the study material is more likely to pass. Source your books and magazines from many places. But do not fall off the deep end. Too many books can also be frustrating. The idea is to shortlist some material from varying sources and read through them.
    The Hindu and The Indian Express are two newspapers that should become a daily part of life. Read through them every day to keep yourself aware of what is going around. For more information on science, technology, international politics or other socio-economic issues go on news websites.
    Make notes while learning so that you can revise later. Recalling every fact learnt in just one go is near impossible. Therefore, do not undermine the value of revision. Read through the notes that you have made to get a gist of each topic and reiterate the learning.
    Cracking Paper 2 requires time management and knowledge. Thus, practice as many aptitude tests as possible. They will aid in understanding topics like logical reasoning, comprehension, and mental ability plus increase your speed.
    Mock tests are the next tip to passing the IAS exam in the first attempt. Pick up previous years question papers and solve them precisely as if you are giving the prelims. They will help you time yourself, emphasise what you have learnt and pinpoint any weak areas.
    It cannot be said enough: the syllabus of the UPSC exam is extensive. Any candidate who fails to plan the entire curriculum is set up for failure. Make a schedule that defines what needs to be prepared in a day, week and month. Then adhere to the plan. Each day there should be a set number of hours meant for just studying for IAS prelims. Make daily goals and work hard on accomplishing them. It will ensure that you learn the complete syllabus and have higher chances of passing the exam!
Passion, perseverance, and persistence will take you across the goal line. There will be days when you feel like giving up because of the enormity of the syllabus. But don’t lose your dream or your enthusiasm. As said, make a plan and then follow every step of it. When the going gets too hard, think of what happens when you have cleared the competition and are an actual IAS officer. Let that be your motivation.
In a gist, the path to clearing the civil services exam in the very first attempt is paved by seven steps and three personal qualities. To review, they are:
1.    Prelims don’t require in-depth learning.
2.    Source reading material wisely and widely.
3.    Read newspapers for decent GK.
4.    Make notes for proper revision.
5.    Practice aptitude tests.
6.    Give mock tests.
7.    Plan the syllabus and follow it.
Browse through this site; you will find a range of PDF’s that will assist in preparing for the civil service exam and aid in passing it in the first go!

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