Three Amazing Staff Pick Ecommerce Business For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

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Three Amazing Staff Pick Ecommerce Business For Sale On Exchange Marketplace
Are you on the lookout for an ecommerce business for sale? Then you can check out Exchange Marketplace that has a variety of businesses on sale. The following are three fantastic staff picks that you will love.
Bowzer Box
This ecommerce business for sale is a Canadian business that had humble beginnings but is now doing very well. It is a box subscription business that includes accessories, toys, and treats in every box for dogs. The business was founded in 2014 and was acquired by the now-owner in 2017. The owner rebranded the entire business and added a billing system that worked in favor of the business.
Homepage of Bowzer Box website.
Bowzer Box has generated more than $600,000 in revenue over the past three years. If you are interested in buying the store, then you can further improve it with the help of online marketing. There has been some work done regarding that but not much. If you have prior experience in advertising, you can increase the profit as the store has a lot of potential to do even better. You can connect to the customers which will help you generate more sales and you require 15 hours (or more) per week to run the business.
Statistics showing performance of Bowzer Box.
It is on sale on Exchange Marketplace for $40,000. When you purchase this business, you get the domain, list of suppliers, logo assets, and branding assets. Additionally, you get social media followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram where there are over 7,500 followers of Bowzer Box. You get the mailing list details as well where there are more than 3,500 subscribers. You get personal support from the owner after the sale which will allow you to learn about how to run this store.
This ecommerce business for sale on Exchange Marketplace is a retailer of handcrafted items that are inspired by travel. The business initially started as something that the owner was quite passionate about. Eventually, it turned into a full-time business. The business has flourished very well so far. If you have the skills that can enable you to lower the operational costs and find ways to increase traffic then you can expect huge sales on a regular basis.
Homepage of Wayfaren.
You can improve this business by investing in various types of marketing strategies. Since 95% of the sales come from organic search, you can think about investing in targeted ads on various social media platforms. This can help increase the sales manifold. Additionally, you can think about investing in SEO. Wayfaren has excellent customer service which is something you can extend on by ensuring that customer service quality is maintained along with the quality of the products sold. You need around 40 hours per week to run the business successfully.
Statistics showing performance of Wayfaren.
The business is on sale for $230,000. When you buy Wayfaren business, you get the product photos, branding assets, physical inventory, suppliers list, domain, and social media followers where there are over 7,000 followers. You get personal support after the sale from the owner so that you know how to move forward with the business. You can speak to the owner about the tools and wood shop that can be negotiated when you buy the business.
Cole & Coddle
Cole & Coddle is a family gift store. This ecommerce business for sale has a lot of potential. The owner has put in a lot of effort in networking and ensures that high-quality printing is done. In particular, the focus has been placed on optimizing the different pages on the website which has contributed to over 50% increase in conversion rates.
Homepage of Cole & Coddle.
You can concentrate on increasing the number of products that can be sold. This will ensure that customers have a new range of products to choose from. You can work on improving and optimizing Google Adwords for an increase in traffic and sales. There is a high demand in the final quarter of the year, around Christmas time, which is when you can connect with new suppliers for matching clothes. The current owner already has various designs for these that you can use. You need around 20 hours on a weekly basis to run this business.
Statistics showing performance of Cole & Coddle.
Cole & Coddle is for sale for $490,000. It has 95,000 followers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and you will get these. Apart from that when you buy this business, you will get the product photos, branding and logo assets, product photos, and domain. You get personal support after the sale from the owner who can help you out with running powerful ads.

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