March 20, 2018

The 8 Best TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests

Students from non-native English speaking countries opting for higher education at colleges and universities in the US and a few other countries, have to prove their proficiency in the English language. One of the methods by which colleges and institutes of higher education gauge your proficiency in English is through a worldwide exam called TOEFL. Currently, nearly 10,000 educational institutes across the world accept TOEFL results are proof of your proficiency in English, which is their main medium of instruction.
The 8 Best TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests
The 8 Best TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests

Understanding TOEFL

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the exams accepted worldwide for testing fluency in the language. This is because dialects and accents while speaking English differ in every country. There are only 18 countries that are classified as ‘native English speaking.’ Hence, citizens of other countries where English is spoken widely but do not come under the category of ‘native English speakers’ need to take an internationally accepted test like TOEFL to prove their linguistic abilities.

Generally, TOEFL scores are utilized by higher education institutes in the US to assess a student’s English language capabilities. Hence, TOEFL is more geared towards the American educational system, despite its scores being valid in various other countries too. In some instances, employers in foreign countries may also wish to see TOEFL scores before hiring a jobseeker from non-native English speaking countries like India, for example.
Contrary to popular perception, TOEFL exams are not very difficult for anyone with a fair degree of fluency in English language and capabilities to comprehend a foreign –primarily American- accent. Additionally, you also need to speak English with adequate ease to pass TOEFL.
Before appearing for a TOEFL exam, it serves to undergo some practice tests to ensure you score sufficient points required to gain admission to higher studies institute or a job abroad.

Best TOEFL Practice Tests

There are two ways to practice for TOEFL. One is by enrolling in coaching where instructors equip you with tricks and tweaks to successfully complete the test which consists of four modules in a span of four-and-half hours: Spoken, Written, Reading and Hearing. It is also possible to train yourself for TOEFL speaking practice with these eight top tests.

TOEFL-iBT Quick Prep

This is the best exam to quickly prepare for your TOEFL. It consists of various instructions and real-life examples of the six modules of speaking English for TOEFL.

TOEFL Practice Online

TOEFL Practice Online uses questions and techniques that were used in past exams. TOEFL Practice Online is the best preparation test you can undergo before appearing for the main exam. It offers excellent insights into what you can expect while undergoing a TOEFL exam. Since it also includes the speaking section, you can learn a lot about how to crack this module of the exam.

YouTube Based Tutorials

Thanks to the popularity of TOEFL worldwide, there are several YouTube based free tutorials you can take to prepare for the main speaking exam. However, ensure you access only those video tutorials that are relevant to your country, since accents used by instructors abroad may differ widely.

TOEFL Preparation Books

These are generally a combination of books and audio CDs or DVDs sold by private educators. You can buy these online. The CDs and DVDs contain real-life examples or simulations of a TOEFL spoken English exam.

TOEFL-iBT Sampler

You can download audios and notes from the official TOEFL provider, ETS and practice at home for speaking English for the main exam. TOEFL-iBT Sampler contains questions that have appeared in reading TOEFL exams and includes instructions.

TOEFL-iBT Sample Questions

These are a set of TOEFL speaking exam questions that featured in past tests. You can read these questions to get an idea of what you will have to speak. You can practice speaking TOEFL style English by having someone ask you these questions. Alternatively, you can try reading these questions aloud in the manner after watching the TOEFL-iBT sampler.

Online TOEFL Practice

Depending on where you live, Online TOEFL Practice Tests or TOPS can be fairly expensive. They are available for a fee of US$ 50 per individual. The reason for this price is, they give you the first-hand feel of a speaking exam for TOEFL. The material they contain is real examples of TOEFL exams of the past.

Videos & Audios

There are innumerable videos and audios available from private tutors and bookstores from where you can prepare for TOEFL English speaking test. You can get them fairly cheap, depending on your location. These are recordings of old TOEFL tests and other reading material that helps you prepare for TOEFL.

In Conclusion

Generally, anyone who has studied at an English-medium school will not face major difficulties in passing the TOEFL speaking tests. Moreover, watching foreign movies and videos has acquainted millions of students with the accents that are commonly used in the US and other foreign countries. There are several ways to learn excellent English speaking that can help you pass TOEFL with great scores. Nowadays, you can use apps that are provided by major TV stations and English learning institutes from your smart-phone. Additionally, you can also listen to foreign radio stations on mobile, computer or radio to learn excellent spoken English.
 The speaking tests are generally to gauge how you can make yourself understood by the interviewer during the TOEFL exam. This is essential since you will need to communicate with your trainers when studying abroad.

Some online training provides may contact you when you sign-up for a TOEFL exam. You can register for training in speaking English for the main exam with any of these, based on your budget. As mentioned earlier, speaking English for TOEFL is nothing to be unduly concerned about. However, a bit of preparation does help get better scores.

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