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Sunday, 19 March 2017

METALLURGY books free pdf download

METALLURGY books free pdf download

I have posted many post related to mechanical engineering best books free pdf downloads.In this post I have share some best books  METALLURGY books free pdf download  with free pdf downloads. Here I am provide some best books this subject. All link are working if you face any problem with downloading. Comment in comment box or contact us. I will hael p you to download.
Note : - The all books here I am provide help all needy students enginnering branch. All books download link not me and any copyright issue please contact me I will remove link and post.

METALLURGY books free pdf download

1.     WELDING METALLURGY by Sindo Kou
Title of the book: WELDING METALLURGY
Authors: Sindo Kou
Fusion Welding Processes
Heat Flow in Welding
Chemical Reactions in Welding
Fluid Flow and Metal Evaporation in Welding
Residual Stresses, Distortion, and Fatigue
Basic Solidification Concepts
Weld Metal Solidification I: Grain Structure
Weld Metal Solidification II: Microstructure within Grains
Post-Solidification Phase Transformations
Weld Metal Chemical Inhomogeneities
Weld Metal Solidification Cracking
Formation of the Partially Melted Zone
Difficulties Associated with the Partially Melted Zone
Work-Hardened Materials
Precipitation-Hardening Materials I: Aluminum Alloys
Precipitation-Hardening Materials II: Nickel-Base Alloys
Transformation-Hardening Materials: Carbon andAlloy Steels
 Corrosion-Resistant Materials: Stainless Steels
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