March 19, 2017

Mechanical Engg books free pdf downloads

Mechanical Engg books free pdf downloads

I have posted many post related to mechanical engineering best books free pdf downloads.In this post I have share some best books  MATLAB books free pdf download  with free pdf downloads. Here I am provide some best books this subject. All link are working if you face any problem with downloading. Comment in comment box or contact us. I will hael p you to download.
Note : - The all books here I am provide help all needy students enginnering branch. All books download link not me and any copyright issue please contact me I will remove link and post.

Mechanical Engg books free pdf downloads

1.     Mechanical Engineering Handbook
Title of the book: Mechanical Engineering Handbook
Edition: Frank Kreith
Mechanics of Solids
Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical System Controls
Energy Resources
Energy Conversion
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Electronic Packaging
Engineering Design
Modern Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Engineering Economics and Project Management
Communications and Information Systems
Patent Law and Miscellaneous Topics 
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2.   Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book by Roger L. Timings
Title of the book:  Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book
 Authors: Roger L. Timings
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Statics
Engineering Dynamics
Power Transmission
Engineering Materials
Linear and Geometric Tolerancing of Dimensions
 Computer-Aided Engineering
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3.   Mechanical Engineering Systems by Richard Gentle, Peter Edwards, Bill Bolton
Title of the book: Mechanical Engineering Systems
Authors: Richard Gentle, Peter Edwards, Bill Bolton
Introduction: the basis of engineering
Fluid mechanics
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4.   Upkar’s Objective Mechanical Engineering for Competitive Examination
Title of the book: Upkar’s Objective Mechanical Engineering for Competitive Examination
Authors: Pramod Kumar Mishra and Kumar Sundaram
Nuclear power plant
Applied Mechanics
Strength of material
Fluid Mechanics
Internal Combustion Engine\Stream Boilers, Compressors, Engines, Nozzles, Turbines, Gas Turbines and Jet Engines
Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and air conditioning
Theory of machines and machine design
Engineering Materials
Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management
Workshop Technology

Automobile Engineering
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5.    Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering by U.K. Singh and Manish Dwivedi
Title of the book: Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering
Authors: U.K. Singh and Manish Dwivedi
Part– A: Thermodynamics
1. Fundamental concepts, definitions and zeroth law
2. First law of thermodynamics
3. Second law
4. Introduction of I.C. engines
5. Properties of steam and thermodynamics cycle
Part – B: Engineering Mechanics
6. Force : Concurrent Force system
7. Force : Non Concurrent force system
8. Force : Support Reaction
9. Friction
10. Application of Friction: Belt Friction
11. Law of Motion
12. Beam
13. Trusses
Part – C: Strength of Materials
14. Simple stress and strain
15. Compound stress and strains
16. Pure bending of beams

17. Torsion

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6.   Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. White
Title of the book: Fluid Mechanics
Authors: Frank M. White
Pressure Distribution in a Fluid
Integral Relations for a Control Volume
Differential Relations for a Fluid Particle
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Viscous Flow in Ducts
Flow Past Immersed Bodies
Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Compressible Flow
Open-Channel Flow
Turbo machinery
Open-Channel Flow
Appendix A Physical Properties of Fluids
Appendix B Compressible-Flow Tables
Appendix C Conversion Factors
Appendix D Equations of Motion in Cylindrical
Appendix E Introduction to EES
Answers to Selected Problems

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