Heat & Mass Transfer books free pdf download

Heat & Mass Transfer books free pdf download
Heat & Mass Transfer books free pdf download

1.     Heat Transfer by J.P. Holoman
Title of the book: Heat Transfer
Author: J.P. Holoman
Steady-State Conduction—One Dimension
Steady-State Conduction—Multiple Dimensions
Unsteady-State Conduction
Principles of Convection
Empirical and Practical Relations for Forced-Convection Heat Transfer
Natural Convection Systems
Radiation Heat Transfer
Condensation and Boiling Heat Transfer
Heat Exchangers
Mass Transfer
Summary and Design Information
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2.   Vibration of Mechanical Systems by Alok Sinha
Title of Book:  Vibration of Mechanical Systems
Author: Alok Sinha
Equivalent Single-Degree-of-Freedom System and Free Vibration
Vibration of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom System Under Constant and Purely Harmonic Excitation
Responses of an SDOF Spring–Mass–Damper System to Periodic and Arbitrary Forces
Vibration of Two-Degree-of-Freedom-Systems

Vibration of Two-Degree-of-Freedom-Systems
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3.   Heat-Transfer Calculation by Myer Kutz
Title of the book: Heat-Transfer Calculation
Authors: Myer Kutz
Heat-exchanger calculations
Thermal properties of solid materials
Conduction heat transfer
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4.   The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering by Frank Kreith
Title of the book: The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering
Authors: Frank Kreith
Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Numerical Analysis and Computational Tool
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